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Bali – Villas, events and tours

Bali villas and events

Discover our exceptional collection of private villas rented through our partner UNICO.

The island’s many fabulous beaches and unique rice field landscape provide a wide choice of stunning locations for the villas, and with an extensive portfolio of designs and layouts we can offer something for everyone, whether couples, families, groups of friends — even a large wedding party or a corporate gathering.

The villas have been carefully selected considering their location, architecture, design and facilities. Booking through BALIZA also gives you access to our unique personal concierge service, with experts on hand to help advise and plan your personalized holiday in the Island of Gods.Each of our villas also comes with an experienced team of dedicated, professional in-villa staff to take care of guests’ every need. Besides preparing delicious meals and keeping the villa clean, tidy and well maintained; the hospitable Balinese staff can also help with bookings, baby-sitting and offer local insights and travel tips.

Whether you are in search of the perfect location to enjoy an indulgent romantic break, need a base for a fun-filled beachside family holiday or want to stay in a stylish getaway with friends, the wonderful villas and unique personal services offered by us will ensure that your stay in Bali will be unforgettable.

Drop us a line and let us know your needs. We’ll put our team of experts working to find the best possible villa for a unique holiday.

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Bali Tours

Enter a new way of traveling. Let our hosts and traveling companions unveil the best of Bali and share their secrets and experiences living in this Island of Gods with you. We promise a fun, original, authentic and unforgettable experience!


Cultural and Sight-seen Tours

Ubud Essentials

We start with the breathtaking view of the rice fields from Tegallangtang terraces and visit a couple of temples with its own fascinating rituals. Lunch will be in a little organic joint hidden in the middle of the rice fields, where you’ll have the opportunity to acquire their wonderful organic range of products for the body and home. We may visit a local painter and sneak into a Balinese home, and finish by hitting the best shopping addresses in town.

Drink, Pray and Surf

Explore the famed south beaches of Bali.  We start with the rough and beautiful Uluwatu Temple, where you would have to watch for the playful monkeys. We visit one of the best surf spots of the island and marvel at the pros, and experience an unforgettable sunset from our friend’s bar, while we have a drink and discuss plans for the evening.

Batur experience

An active day exploring Bali’s most active volcano,   Mt Batur and its surroundings. Wind through scenic countryside before stopping at Kintamani, for stunning panoramic views over the inland lake alongside one of Bali’s most photographed and active volcanoes. Enjoy panoramic views, visit small temples, and discover daily life in a traditional Balinese compound.

Shopping Tours

Art and Home Decor

Explore true original art galleries and meet the resident artists in an exclusive guided tour.

Select from a directory of partner galleries and organise your itinerary based on what the galleries offer.
Visit artisan workshops and gain insights into the creation of hand-crafted items from woven fabrics to pottery, furniture or home accessories.

Learn more about our collaborations with artists in Bali


With a myriad of options available to everyone visiting Bali or Ibiza, choosing the best becomes a daunting task.

The endless possibilities confound first-time and even repeat visitors to Bali.

BALIZA travel specialists will design the perfect fashion shopping tour for your style and budget.

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