Baliza Partners
Authentic experiences and designs from Bali and Ibiza

We bring you the authentic essence of Bali and Ibiza

Experiences – Villas, Events and Tours

BALIZA Partners creates unique and authentic travel and event experiences based on our intimate and current knowledge of Bali and Ibiza’s well-guarded  secrets. Our private and corporate events encompass superb location, exclusive accommodation, and a select range of activities.

For corporate and private clients, from business meetings to leisure activities, fashion, art and design. BALIZA Partners creates unique experiences that stand out for their value and uniqueness.

BALIZA travel specialists will design the perfect art/home decor or fashion shopping tour in Bali or Ibiza  for your style and budget.

Each activity is supported by a network of experienced  onsite partners with insider information that saves you time and resources by delivering the perfect solutions to your requirements.

Design – Art, Interiors and Fashion

BALIZA Partners helps you create Ibiza and Bali-inspired interiors for your home, through bespoke services including planning, sourcing, delivery and installation of Balinese furniture, accessories and art.

Our fashion designers can create from wedding ensembles to unique outfits, bring your fantasy design to life with help from knowledgeable designers, seamstresses and artisans. Our bespoke services include design and production of apparel and accessories for your special events.