Baliza Partners
Authentic experiences and designs from Bali and Ibiza

BALIZA Partners team members have extensive local and international experience in leisure, events, art, design and fashion.

Gema Santander

Founder and Managing Director
(Based in Singapore)
Prior to founding BALIZA Partners in 2012, Gema has worked in fashion, design and digital marketing in London and Singapore since 2001. She studied design and digital marketing at the Inchbald School of Design and E-consultancy in London. Gema started her career in finance at JP Morgan in London. Gema graduated B.S. Business and Economics in Spain, with additional studies in Exeter, London, and New York. BALIZA Partners is the result of Gema’s passion for fashion and design and for Bali and Ibiza, their cultures, unique experiences, and products.

Carmen Gomez Menor

Leisure Director
(Based in Bangkok)
Carmen is the Founder and Managing Director of Unico, a  bespoke luxury travel agency covering Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and most recently, Bali. She is also a travel writer for Condé Nast Traveller Spain and the current editor of the Bangkok LUXE guide. Having worked nine years as PR Manager for Cartier Far East based in Hong Kong, Carmen links luxury and travel effortlessly.

Loreto Calderon

Art and Interior Design
(Based in Bali)
Loreto is a Spanish interior designer with over 15 years experience working on commercial and residential projects in Spain, USA and Indonesia. Currently located in Bali, Loreto is working on several design projects as a freelance designer.

Lola Gomez Menor

Logistics Director
(Based in Bali)
Lola is a protocol specialist and founder of Madrid Protocol, a corporate event organising company in Madrid. She has organised events for high-profile families and executives in Spain before deciding to come to Bali in 2012 to work as gastronomic advisor for a boutique hotel in Ubud. Her passion for event planning and travelling, as well as her determination are key to her quick adaptation to and knowledge of the island.